Inspired by ...

Inspired by music.

The word music comes from the the word muse and I  can understand why. Music can either lift someone's spirits or bring them down. I listen very intently to any music I hear.
Many artists listen to music while working. I have learned I can only do this with movie scores and instrumental music. I'm too busy listening to the song to focus on the drawing in front of me. Maybe that is why I like Radiohead. So many of their songs sound orchestral and have lyrics I can't understand!

Inspired by dream.

I think of dreams as a kind of raw mythos that is later formed into myth and story. I've had many vivid and memorable dreams over the years that have shaped my art sensibilities and influenced the way I draw. I like leaving drawings looking rough and unfinished, just like a dream.

Inspired by chapter, verse, and scene.

Anything and any medium used to tell story I like. Movies, books, theater, poetry, animation, graphic novels. I follow them all. Current likes include the story of the Green Knight & Sir Gawain, Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol, and James Cameron's Avatar.