The very function of the shoe implies a journey.Shoes are used to put one foot in front of the other and go somewhere.They're not absolutely essential, but they certainly help a great deal. Keeping our feet dry or warm, and from sharp objects that may litter our path. Shoes are designed for different kinds of journey. Want to go hiking? Get hiking boots. Going for a run? Get running shoes.

Shoes represent freedom, individuality, and transportation. People are loyal to certain brands of shoe like they are to certain automakers. Shoes have become synonymous with personality. The opening credits of the movie Footloose comes to mind. Just close-ups of people's shoes while they're dancing. One of the best movies that illustrates the symbolic power of shoes is Forrest Gump. From the opening scene where the feather falls on his shoes while sitting at the bus stop, to young Forrest running, to his "just felt like running" phase, his shoes are the silent actor.

Other examples: The Greek god Apollo had winged shoes, Michael Jackson's moonwalking loafers, and of course, The Wizard of OZ.