Happy Halloween! / The Monster

Halloween is a great opportunity to talk about one of my favorite archetypical characters – The Monster. The Monster, that horrifying and at the same time mesmerizing figure that has never lost its popularity, is an ancient part of storytelling.

 I like to think of the Monster as a corruption of something that was once pure, or a problem that has been forgotten, neglected, or ignored. Classic examples that come to mind are that of the Medusa and the Minotaur in Greek mythology. Medusa was once a beautiful woman. But because a goddess was jealous of her beauty, she was turned into a hideous monster that turns anyone who looks at her into stone. The Minotaur was conceived by a cheating wife and a prized mystical bull that her husband, the king, coveted above all other things. Dracula, the mummy, and zombies also come to mind.

The Monster can also represent the dark and wild part of the human psyche that has not been addressed, or given proper attention.  In other words, the wickedness that may be one part of a person’s character is allowed to take over. Like Dr. Jekyll, Gollum from The Lord of the Rings or even Darth Vader.

I love the story of Dr. Jekyll/Mr.Hyde! Happy Halloween, everyone!