No other animal draws me to my window like the local birds. I am still captivated by them. The funny mating rituals in the spring, the loud social rivalries in the summer, and the constant scavenger hunt for things to add to their nests.

The fact that birds can fly, mostly, and that they are very clever has inspired all kinds of imagery and story. There is a reason every state has an official bird. They represent freedom. They represent moving forward and positive change. Who doesn’t think the Bald Eagle is an awe-inspiring bird? How many heraldic and military emblems don’t display some kind of a bird? Of course they can equally instill dread in one’s heart. Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven is legendary for this.

Birds are messengers, are heralds. Angels are traditionally drawn with bird-wings, not bat-wings. Apollo the great Greek messenger, had bird-wings attached to his shoes. Birds, just like the winds that carry the scent of the coming spring or winter, usually deliver good tidings or bad omens most stories. They set the stage.