The Living Room

It’s around this time of year when rooms like this formal living room actually gets used as intended. I love to play records in our living room during the holidays. Listening to vinyl records bring forth nice memories of when the music seemed to be appreciated more deeply. This Thanksgiving season, I am thankful for music. It is the only art form that is universally liked. Although not always appreciated as it once was.

Don’t get me wrong I love mp3 players. Mp3 players make long walks and metro rides seem to fly by. But I feel like I’m not actively engaged in listening. The record player forces you to slow down and really think about what songs you want to hear. That is why playing records is a holiday ritual. It’s like lighting candles and fireplaces. We don’t need them as a light and heat source any more. But there’s something about seeing that glow that lights up our minds and warms our hearts. We live for awhile.

Happy Listening Season to You and Yours!