The Squirrel

I think I may be one of the few people who actually like squirrels. Maybe it’s because I have no gardens or grassy lawns I have to defend. In any case, I admire their creativity and ingenuity when come to acquiring and storing food. And this tenacity or audacity if you will, makes them one of the few animals on the planet that can thrive alongside humans. Let’s face it we destroy natural habitats like cancer kills cells, yet squirrels still flourish. Of course rats flourish, and pigeons flourish but I’m not talking about those animals today. There are not a bunch of YouTube videos featuring pigeons set to music. (Is there?)

Anyway, aside from all that they are one of the most fun and readily available animals to draw. Most squirrels are used to humans and will stop and stare when confronted by a human one-to-one. They have amazingly dynamic poses of climbing, digging, running, and eating. Just don’t feed them unless you want a friend for life.

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