Black History Month

Black Working Man 1 (2011)

Links to some of my favorite black visual artists in honor of Black History Month.

Charles White – His drawings are made with incredible draftsmanship. His work conveys raw emotion. White is one of the best social realist painters in American history, period.
Aaron McGruder – Creator of the comic strip “The Boondocks”. I’m a great fan of the strip, not so much the TV show. Funny and politically savvy. More info also on the IMDB.

Jerry Pinkney – Illustrator of children’s books and novels since the mid 60s. His images burst with color, movement and emotion. He is a master storyteller. A great video about his work is here at the Norman Rockwell Museum.

Kara Walker – Best known for her disturbing and haunting cut-paper silhouette installations, she’s a master of story and composition. She is very clever in her use of positive and negative space.

Aaron Douglas – A great illustrator mostly associated with The Harlem Renaissance. His conceptual illustrations are still reprinted and republished to this day.